Next Gen AI Platform – NAP 

NAP is a cutting-edge, no-code solution that employs Gen AI to automate API development , DATA ETL and Complex Integration with Enterprise Systems
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NextGen Alpha AI Platform (NAP)- How It works

The NextGen Alpha AI Platform (NAP) – Transformative on multiple fronts
Build Connectors with just a Business Requirements Document
  • Consistent way to define and capture requirements
  • Automatically map data elements from the ISV and ERP endpoints using LLM, visually on a canvas
  • WYSIWYG drag-drop functionality to modify or define new mappings
  • ERP error translation through LLM into user friendly errors
  • No code connector development and deployment
  • Validate code through the QA Automation module
Generate Documentation
  • Specs
  • Deployment documentation
  • UAT documentation

Intuitive Integrations with NAP

The NextGen Alpha AI Platform (NAP)
Leveraging Large Language Models (LLM) to simplify data mapping and transformations.

NAP gets more done

Not just connector builds
Project Management Dashboard
Platform Dashboard
Platform Dashboard
Get ahead of your competition with Alpha AI Platform
Experience the future of scalability, performance, and security with's Innovate platform
Self healing
Achieve unparalleled system resilience with Alpha AI's Experience unrivaled system resilience with Alpha AI's platform, guarding the vitality of your API pods. Our system intelligently reignites or reallocates pods across the cluster. Built on a vast multi-entity cloud architecture,
Built with robustness and intuitive design, the Alpha AI platform leverages AI capabilities to auto-generation of AI code ,deliver unparalleled performance, dependability, and security. Our drag-and-drop features empower users to effortlessly create and customize their workflows.

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