Seamlessly integrate ERP with Business Systems
Build Powerful APIs
No complexity, No Code, AI - Assisted

Seamlessly integrate ERP with Business Systems

Build Powerful APIs

No complexity, No Code, AI - Assisted

No-Code ERP Integrations Copilot and ERP Connector Factory services
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NAP by Alpha AI: Innovative no-code ERP Integrations Copilot

Create fully managed, observable and scalable ERP integration code using NAP. Deliver integration solutions in record time using NAP’s LLM, Agent orchestration and Generative AI capabilities.

NAP – An Innovative ERP Integration Copilot By Alpha AI

NAP uses the power of interpretation and understanding of LLMs, orchestrates AI agents and uses Generative AI to turbocharge the ERP and other Business Systems integrations process. Automated. Efficient. Cost Effective with No-Code.

Leverage Alpha AI NAP platform to integrate your enterprise systems with the following ERPs using  our ready-to-deploy connectors

Streamline Your Software with Our No-Code ERP Connector Factory

Our Generative AI does the heavy lifting, simplifying the integration process. Create connectors tailored to your needs without a single line of code.

Define System Configuration
Add to the above text - Specify requirements and define integration flows visually
Match and Map
Define ERP and Business System APIs and let NAP unleash the power of its underlying LLM to automatically match and map data elements
Generate QA Scripts
Generate integration code in a framework and programming language of your choice
NAP generates complete documentation of the integration including QA documentation to test the integration
NAP offers a very simple 3-Click process to deploy integrations. No muss, no fuss.
Fully Managed Experience
Leave the complexities to us with a fully managed and supported connector experience.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to simplify the process of ERP integrations for enterprises where integrations can be built using just a specifications document to generate observable, fully managed, functional and scalable integration code with all supporting deployment and QA documentation

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