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Reinvent your Accounts Payable operation!

Alpha Group is dedicated to building a better world by empowering businesses to harness the power of artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and reduce errors and fraud in Accounting and Invoice processing

platform for finance and accounting teams, trusted by thousands of companies.

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that empower Accounting teams with Artifical Intelligence 

What is Alpha

Empower your Finance team - Defeat
wasted time and wasteful spend.

Alpha AI

From working closely with accounting teams the past 10 years we understand the time-waste associated with transaction processing and the potential risk associated with human errors and oversights.

Accounting Autonomy

Our Autonomous accounting feature provides an easy to use platform that unifies pre approved and post approved spend - all using AI

Reinvent your Accounts Payable operation

We partner with you finance team by providing AI solutions that improves processing time, cuts hours spent on repetitive work and lays the groundwork for more intelligent spend

Real-time Insights

We provide solutions that help you understand your spending in real-time thereby providing you  a competitive advantage to allow for better decision-making.

Open APIs

Alpha.AI can integrate with any ERP or bill-pay platform, whether it is cloud-based or on-premise. Our Open APIs provide multi-entity and multi-ERP setups.

AI Data Predictions

Alpha Intelligence uses a data and value driven approach to solve our customers most challenging problems. We offer solutions that use multiple years of meticulous engineering efforts by some of the leading AI engineers in the world.

Cloud Services

Alpha.AI is a cloud application running on Amazon AWS. Get rid of paper invoices, manual approval workflows, and work from everywhere in the world.



Are you using the best possible AI technology to power your business?

Alpha intelligence

Harness the power of data

We empower businesses to drive innovation and accelerate growth. Wherever you are on your data-driven journey, Alpha Intelligence can help. We use Data analytics to help  organizations deploy resources intelligently. By harnessing Big data we provide insights into the granular operations of our clients  that are easily missed with other means.

Accounting work is tedious and repetitive, but it no longer need to be. Alpha uses partners that provide Artificial Intelligence to perform cost-side accounting autonomously by learning from your data and your accounting team.

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spend intellegence

Keep track of all your credit card spend

Our cloud based solution connects to your credit card feeds to ingest and analyze, classify and post your monthly transactions to your ERP system, reducing manual time spent by the finance team. Reconciliation of accounts in minutes, not days Real-time spend insights from your all corporate cards

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