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AI-Powered Invoice Automation Services: Save Over 25,000 Hours Annually

Automate Workflow with Alpha AI: Invoice Automation, Low-Code Automation, and ERP Integration

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AI-Powered System Integration: Tailored to Empower Your Business-Experience unparalleled flexibility with our microservices-enabled platform
Low code, no code SaaS solution creation Alphagroup
Low code, no code SaaS solution creation
Craft captivating user interfaces, while automating mid-office and back-office operations with real-time precision. Simple, swift, and effective.
Seamless integration Alphagroup
Seamless integration

Transform your business with our Low-code automation platform for Invoice Automation

Low-code automation platform Alphagroup
Low-code automation platform
Enable users to swiftly develop breakthroughs utilizing AI, ML and IDP, requiring minimal IT support throughout the process.
Microservices architecture Alphagroup
Microservices architecture
With our microservices based platform, businesses are capable of modifying and updating their applications without disrupting the system as a whole.
User friendly interface Alphagroup
User friendly interface
Our user friendly platform simplifies navigation and reduces training, allowing businesses to quickly start using it.
Robust security Alphagroup
Robust security
Our secure platform ensures compliance with industry standards and protects your valuable data.
Integration complexity Alphagroup
Integration complexity
Connecting SaaS to ERPs is complex and time consuming, requiring expertise
Time to market Alpha AI
Time to market
Lengthy implementation times slow down business time to market.
Limited customization Alpha AI
Limited customization
Customization is key for businesses needing unique integration solutions, yet many current options fall short.
Lack of scalability Alpha AI
Lack of scalability
Current solutions may hinder business growth as they lack scalability.
Security Alpha AI
Security features are lacking in many current solutions, leaving businesses vulnerable to data breaches.

Invoice Automation Integration Complexity: Simplify SaaS to ERP Integration with Our Platform

Invoice Automation Integration Complexity Alpha AI
People who have seen the power of our platform
“We are on track to save more than 25,000 hours per year by automating away manual invoice processing once AI is implemented in all our regions. This is an incredible amount of time that our staff can then reallocate to important areas in the business, such as corporate strategy, real estate needs, and capital investments. AI will change the lives of our employees and how our business works”
Fredrik Wiktor Application Management Lead
People who have seen the power of our platform Alpha AI

Unleash AI's transformative power on your SaaS and Enterprise systems with Alpha AI - your co-pilot for dynamic, adaptive, and digital business

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