Intelligently Integrate and Connect Your Enterprise

NAP is not me-too Low Code-No Code, it is a one-of-a-kind Low Effort-No Code platform. Turbocharge process automation with NAP’s Integration-centric BPM
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Integration-centric BPM

The average knowledge worker switches between 10 tools up to 25 times per day. NAP’s Integration-centric BPM addresses that problem by integrating multiple business systems with an organization’s ERP. By enabling integrations between business systems, there is a central source of truth for all enterprise data. NAP’s Integration-centric BPM creates a solid foundation for key organization initiatives like AI Transformation and Digital Transformation

Enable Seamless Workflows

Whether it is Order To Cash, Procure To Pay, Hire To Retire, Opportunity To Order, Concept To Launch or Sustain And Retain, enterprises have shifted to a best-of-breed business systems model with the ERP as the foundation. Automating workflows spanning multiple business systems seamlessly is oftentimes a challenge. NAP uses advanced AI for data and process mapping to connect an organization’s ERP to multi-various business systems, allowing organizations to focus on efficient Workflow automation

Free the Enterprise From Integration Shackles

NAP ensures that every facet of your business can be connected, whether it’s modern cloud applications or legacy systems. This interconnectedness allows for a seamless flow of information across all areas of your enterprise, enabling you to automate complex business functions and streamline operations across departments.

Simplify and Accelerate Decision-Making

With real-time data integration and automation, NAP empowers decision-makers with up-to-date information. This leads to faster, more informed decisions and a more responsive business environment. By automating the collection and aggregation of data, NAP frees your team to focus on strategic tasks that add value to your business.

Low Effort. No Code. Just That Simple.

NAP’s no-code platform democratizes integration and automation. It allows business users without technical expertise to create and manage workflows, fostering an environment of innovation and enabling your team to contribute to process improvement without the need for specialized skills.

Observable. Secure. Fully Managed.

NAP’s integrations are fully managed, containerized and secure. With built-in observability and intelligent scaling, integrate and connect all enterprise data with confidence and ease
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