credit card reconciliation

Let our AI look at your credit card data

Are you aware that Corporate credit cards are a source of spend leakage and a time-suck for employees. Our platform uses  artificial intelligence  to process, classify, match and fraud check your spend while our award winning mobile app takes care of employees happiness.


Time to get away from  manual expense reporting

Using artificial intelligence for expense management is the fastest way to get corporate credit card spending under control


Provide real-time insights into the teams spend

Our Platform will provide an online view for all credit card expenses , keep track of the full audit log, and the full approval history. You now can provide your auditors direct access to expense reports generated using artificial intelligence.

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AI for expense managment

Feeds into Alpha.AI

Corporate credit card transactions feed automatically into our AI platform from your card provider of choice. Our solutions support more than 15,000 financial institutions. you can continue leveraging your existing corporate cards and we will provide you the intelligence that you need

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Matching of Receipts

our mobile app allows for Receipts to be scanned  or our AI platform will look for them on its own. Every receipt is analyzed by our artificial intelligence to extract the relevant data. No humans required.

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Autonomous classification

Matching expense to the spend category is crucial to determine the cost. Once extracted, transaction data from the bank feed paired with receipt information are reviewed by our AI platform (instead of your accounting team member).

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