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Alpha AI Platform: Providing Low-Code No-Code Capabilities for Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --
Alpha.AI Inc., a burgeoning AI start-up at the forefront of generative AI solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking enterprise-wide platform.

With a focus on Large Language Models (LLMs), Alpha.AI Inc. aims to redefine the enterprise AI landscape, offering a secure, scalable, and customizable platform that aligns with the needs of modern businesses.

Leveraging Alpha.AI Inc.'s innovative AI research and in-depth industry expertise, this platform is engineered to provide enterprises with an all-encompassing suite of tools. This suite empowers businesses to fully harnessAI technology, accelerate its adoption, and tap into its vast business potential in a responsible and efficient manner.

"As a dynamic start-up, we're driven by the need to equip enterprises with AIcapabilities essential to remaining competitive in today's fast-paced digital era," said Jay Chopde, President of Alpha.AI Inc. "This platform is a significant leap forward in our journey, as we aim to catalyze the adoption of enterprise-scaleAI applications, enhance ROI, mitigate risks, and deliver superior business solutions more swiftly."

Alpha.AI Inc.'s platform guides businesses in this journey, from identifying tailored use-cases, operationalizing AI, data engineering, to continuous improvement. It enables AI and software engineering teams to create flexible, reusable, secure, and efficient solutions and integrates AI models to develop fully functioning applications – all while ensuring compatibility across diverse platform and multi-cloud ecosystems.

The launch of this platform is a testament to Alpha.AI Inc.'s dedication to deep learning, evolutionary AI research, and commercial applications. Alpha.AI Inc.'s teams have been pivotal in enabling AI-guided decisions in areas such as proactive risk management, automated reporting, application management, and energy efficiency optimization. With the new platform, business leaders gain access to the full array of Alpha.AI's tools and capabilities, fostering human-AI collaboration on an enterprise-wide platform.

"Digital transformation demands enterprises to have scalable, flexible, end-to-end tools for responsible AI adoption," said Rajeev Kapoor, Chairman of the board. "By merging our deep industry insights with the power of our advanced LLM, we aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions and tackle complex business challenges. Our primary objective is to drive cost efficiencies, resilience, and business revenue."

Alpha.AI Inc.'s platform encompasses a library of reusable AI models and agents, development tooling, and control components including API and access management, versioning, and auditing. It is designed to deliver tangible business benefits for clients, including:
- Uncovering new avenues for business innovation,
- Creating unique customer and employee experience,
- The ability to reimagine and digitize business processes,
- Ensuring reliable governance, visibility, control, and compliance,
- Swift access to a comprehensive library of curated solutions, and
- Improved time to market at an enterprise scale.

Rooted in Alpha.AI Inc.'s commitment to Responsible AI, which advocates for inclusivity, accountability, reliability, and community benefit, the platform offers a practical, business-centric pathway for enterprises to confidently traverse the AI landscape in all its dimensions.

About Alpha.AI Inc: Alpha.AI Inc is a pioneering start-up in the realm of AI-powered enterprise solutions. Our mission is to assist our clients in modernizing technology, reimagining processes, and transforming experiences to stay at the cutting edge of our rapidly evolving world. Together, we're improving everyday life. Learn more at or write to us