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Partner Programs

We partner with strategic alliance and consulting associates. We have  partnership programs based on your firms focus. Alpha.AI  helps you differentiate in a crowded market of traditional old-school "automation" by providing next level Artificially Intelligent Autonomy that you can integrate with your customers' accounting/ERP stack.

Deploy our AI platform

We are a Ready-to-deploy Artificial Intelligent platform for Mid-Market and large Enterprises that are still struggling with traditional way of doing Accounting. Plug our platform into your ERP upgrade projects .

1. Recieve and Capture

All invoices and accompanying documents are sent directly to our platform for ingestion. Data is captured by our proprietary Computer Vision technology and passed on to the AI. algorithm.

2. Understand and Decide

Our AI technology, that has been trained on millions of invoices, can understand costs, expenses and inventory items and will make autonomous decisions on behalf of your team. Immediate ROI impact? Yes something that you can see right away.

3. Deliver

Our platform and APIs interact with your favorite ERP system, just like your team does. Only faster, more accurate and has never been seen taking a  break.

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