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Our mission is to help your finance team thrive. Accountants and finance professionals have been drastically underserved when it comes to technology innovation. That’s why our customers’ outcomes take top priority - we partner with you through all phases of your AI journey so you can show ROI and measurable business results. From onboarding, training and support, we have you covered.


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We need to create progress by opening doors - not closing gaps. .

Alpha Group wants to create a place where everyone can thrive and be happy. We want to positively change industries and invest in projects and companies that contribute to the greater good.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them and into the impossible.

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Alpha works with partners that have deep rooted presence in Artificial intelligence and solution building

We help accounting firms and enterprise finance teams perform accounting work more efficiently and accurately.

We're passionate about bringing the accounting industry into the next Era of Intelligent Accounting and we strive to create technology that empowers human performance.

Through a high degree of automation and digitization, Alpha facilitates drastic reduction in cost, more time to focus on tasks with more strategic value, and thus ensure competitive advantage and future growth for your company.

Together with our customers, we create changes today, with solutions for the future.

Our story in numbers

Conceived in Norway. Built Globally.

Our software platform powered by Vic.ai was founded in 2016 and is the leader in autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our partners are proudly backed by visionary VC firms including Costanoa Ventures, Cowboy Ventures and GGV Capital. Our partners have equity ownership in our company which means that when they succeed , we succeed.

In an exclusive partnership with 24SevenOffice, Alpha offers complete ERP solutions by integrating the best cloud solutions on the market, with the latest in AI and automation.


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