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Job description
DevOps Engineer at
Location: Remote and Miami
About AlphaGroup
AlphaGroup is part of the “Intelligent Accounting” era, we integrate artificialintelligence into clients existing ERP solutions in order to automate accountingand provide advisory, business insight, and eventually business foresight.We’re an early-stage start-up, founded by Yale and Harvard graduates withseveral successful start-ups behind them. We’re US-based, but our team isglobal, from Australia to California. We’re bringing AI to Finance and Accountingbecause the industry is ripe for automation and big-data insight and the market ishuge: $200B just in the US.
Our main office locations is in Miami. We have a well-established remote-workculture, and over 50% of our team are working fully remote
About You
You’ve been a devops engineer for 2+ years, but you’ve been a tinkerer and abuilder your whole life. We’re a team of builders—when we aren’t building,we’re tinkering with a personal project, contributing to open source, modding adrone, building a computer from components, etc.
We’re looking for an experienced devops who enjoys working with cloudtechnologies. You possess a good mixture of DevOps and infrastructuremanagement and would like to build security innovative environments to supportour global application deployment. You should have plenty of experience inbuilding a performant, well-monitored cloud environment, designing efficient dataflows between systems, communicating clearly, sharing knowledge andquestioning existing solutions. You’re ready for the next step in your career, readyto take on fast-moving challenges. You’re enthusiastic about AI and how the builda devops infrastructure around a high performance dynamic AI environment....
You are fluent in English.
Required Tech Skills
Several years of experience working with AWS - ECS, EC2, Lambda, RDS, S3.
IaC - Hashicorp Terraform.
Docker deployment.
CI - CircleCI or Github Actions
Linux - Alpine, Ubuntu.
Bash scripting.
Nice to have Tech Skills.
AWS - auto-scaling, Aurora, SQS, Secrets Manager, API Gateway, Textract,Transfer Family, Kinesis, Cost Explorer.
Familiarity with AWS services for data engineering/warehousing (e.g.Redshift).
DataDog - metrics/alerting/dashboards.
Auth0 (or similar e.g. Okta).
Hashicorp Packer.
Apache Druid.
What the position is responsible for - a day in the life of the position
As a member of our operations team you'd be responsible for's cloud infrastructure by using many of the above technologies, alsooften working closely together with our product development teams. Example tasks:
Upgrade database X from RDS Postgres to Aurora Postgres.
Migrate service Y from legacy container orchestration system to ECS.
Automate (previously manual) task Z with Lambda function + EventBridgeschedule.
Configure auto-scaling of ECS containers based on Vic API avg response time.
Other characteristics of the ideal candidate - education, communication,work remote, etc.
Great communication skills, both verbally and in text.
Multiple years of experience working in remote-first teams.
Masters degree in Computer Science a plus.
Masters degree in Computer Science a plus.
As an early employee, you'll be working with a small team of committed andtalented engineers and having a large, long-term impact on technical design andengineering culture
We Offer
An exciting work environment operating at the forefront of AI technology development.
Competitive salary.
Generous maternity and paternity leave.
Virtual team building events & awesome swag.
People-focused culture, adding-value and fun to our meetings.
Generous vacation time, family and travel-friendly environment.
Work alongside an enthusiastic, collegial, and driven team in a highlymeritocratic environment.
The opportunity to work remotely, including workstation setup.
A team-focused culture. The team builds the product, the business builds the team.
Above all, you should enjoy the journey. Our engineers are creative, technical,smart and genuinely like each other. They enjoy the work they do and so shouldyou! As an employee first culture, also offers in person retreats toemployees. We love connecting in person as a remote-first company. We make ita benefit to our employees to come together and be able to celebrate ouraccomplishments, work together in person, and enjoy team building activities! Weare planning to hold company retreats multiple times a year to keep ourAlphaGroup community strong
Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on our AI technology andnew career opportunities to join our teams.
Acceptance and inclusion for everyone is at the heart of our company. We strivefor diversity of thought, culture and background, which connects theentire community. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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